Happy Francis Day

Today is St. Francis Day (4th October 2008). What was the most precious treasure for St. Francis for the rest of his life? It was the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As we remembered that before his passing away he asked Br. Leo to read the Gospel of St. John and after that he recited Psalm 141...that was were about Jesus took a loaf and gave it to his disciples and "the just wait for me, until thou reward me".

I was fascinated by "the Canticle of the Sun" for the first time in 1998 when I met a Capuchin priest who gave me a simple book in Pematangsiantar-Indonesia at that time. How can a man like me will able making a conversation with all creatures arround me? It seemed unsounding, cause even the conversation between me and my friend sometimes getting worse and unclear. But this man, a simple man, a humble man from Assisi had done something very miraculous and outregious thing that every single creature was able to understand him.

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