Resurrected in Christ

Many theologians and scientists have been trying to formulate their opinions regarding of question whether or not human beings have a life after death or the resurrection. Some theologians believe the resurrection is real and exists. On the other hand some scientists reject the resurrection after the death. But in fact the resurrection seems not just the matter people believe it or not. It is not a matter whether the theologians or scientists agree or disagree. In human history we can find some overuse words: “resurrection”, “rebirth”, “reincarnation”, or “transformation”, etc. People have brought that words from age to age. So, these could mean something. These words bring a profound value beyond our humanity but also related to our life.
The Gospel tells us the same question about the resurrection. It is said that some Sadducees came to Jesus and ask His answer to a problem about to which men of seven will become a husband of the woman at the resurrection. Jesus’ answer was very clear. Jesus said that the children of this world took wives and husbands, but in the resurrection from the dead do not marry because they no longer die, for they are the same as the angels and they are sons of God. Again, Jesus mentioned God is not God of the dead, but of the living; for in Him all men are in fact alive’ (Luk 20:27-40)

It is clear from the words of Jesus that is not necessary for us to combine or to mix up our problems in this life with the resurrection. Why? In this life we are thinking and feeling as a human being in our limited possibilities. That is all about us. We were born, live and then we will die. That is our time and our reality. These are our facts, our real life in this world. No people are doubt about these. But still there is something left. If our related person dead we would remember his name, his life, his face or his smile. People have been created with the soul “immortality”. That is why we still have relationship with our parents, friends even though they had passed away. In other words God created “the immortal seed” in our human mortal bodies.
Furthermore, in Jesus Christ our resurrection will be full by His resurrection. As we baptized in His name and Spirit we are drown closer to Him to receive the life everlasting. As long as our history, there is no man in our humanity who risen from the dead but Jesus Christ. This is the most wonderful history in the world ever. Most people in this world have known Jesus, or at least they ever hear the name. One-third of the world populations belong to the name of Jesus Christ.
Personally I would say that the resurrection is not outside our human life. But it is penetrated in our life, right now, here. The key point to understand this is the relationship. Today we are asked to bring people to the good relation with other people, with the earth, with all creatures would bring us to the real life everlasting. How? This is the biggest problem in the world. In fact it seems very difficult to hand it on. Some people are thinking to possess the power over the world. This fact brings more wars and global crisis.
Some people have lost the sense of belonging. But still there are some among us who work hard to promote justice, peace and the integrity of creatures. Some of them do not think much about themselves but other people who most need. Moreover, some of them renounce themselves to be married for the sake of the Kingdom of God. And I think this kind of people have seen the resurrection as their part of life. How?

Bro Nestor Sin

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