Mgr. Martinus Situmorang visits Sydney

Early winter in 2009 Mgr. Situmorang was in the midst of Catholic Indonesian Community of Sydney for his three days visit. His coming was a great blessing for many particularly for all Indonesians in Sydney who had been waiting for a special celebration of a year anniversary of WYD 2008. There were some main points that worth reflecting out of his visit from 12-15th June 2009 that came to my mind.

One day Reflection
One day’s recollection at Kensington Church on Saturday 13 was a moment of being resurrected and strengthened by bishop’s talk. Going back to the SAGKI 2005’s theme, Situmorang stressed the meaning of “to get up and to move” as a new movement and resurrection which based on our confidence, conscience and idealism to follow Christ. “We are not raised caused by sort of forces outside our lives like “someone is throwing cold water to a sleep beggar”, but everyone is called by God for a certain mission”, bishop said.
Believing that Jesus is the resurrection itself we need to follow the example of John the Disciple and Mary His mother who were present closely beside Jesus with their passion and compassion. Jesus does not need us as his defenders like St.Peter might think, because Jesus has the power over heaven and earth. Jesus wants us to be with him, to live his resurrection at anytime in anywhere.
The bishop took many examples from the Scripture emphasising how the disciples could not pass “the exam” after three years together with Jesus. But after the day of Pentecost the disciples were strengthened to proclaim the Good News by the power of the Holy Spirit they had received. Though they did not have any extra titles, Peter and other disciples were able to be witnesses. So it is true that the Holy Spirit strengthen the disciples to live a new life, the Church’s birth.
“Before we have a personal relationship with Jesus we could not encounter the true life, the resurrection, the new life”, bishop said. Every one of us is the subject whom God blesses to receive his life. The resurrection does not protect the death, but it gives the true meaning of our death, that is to live in Jesus’ life. Therefore for God we must bear fruits for he has given us his grace in order to be able to defeat the sins in this world. The fruit is what we have received from God. This world is the locus theologicus of God’s love, the place we bear good fruits. That is why there is no a significant different between the “trade and altar”.
While talking about the fruits of life, Mgr. Situmorang also stressed the power of pray in this life. Because the fruit that we give is not only the worldly fruit but also the spiritual fruits which will never fade away.

The Day of Corpus Christi
On Sunday 14, Mgr. Situmorang held a Corpus Christi mass at OLSH Catholic Church Randwick, concelebrated by CIC Chaplain Rm. Ho. During this mass 99 people received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the hands of his Eminence. This confirmation followed by an installation of the new council for the next period. During his homily the bishop gave encouragement to the-99 to be disciples in this age, proclaiming the truth of Jesus.
Straight after the mass, young-adult Catholic group (MUDIKA) invited us to enjoy a creative show “Kunang-Kunang” so called, at Brigidine College Hall. This performance was amazing and good prepared. In this occasion the Bishop assured that Catholic in Sydney is growing up, affirming that we are not sort of “benalu” in other country. But we are the people who have the freedom and have contribution of building humanity, religion, and culture in our society. Therefore he said, "be good citizens whatever our citizenship are."

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