The House of Prayer

It is clear that the Bible mentions the House of God is the house of prayer. Hundreds of years before Jesus, the Temple of God was built as a place for Israel to worship their God, the God of their ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who had delivered them from the slavery in Egypt, and after the exile from Babylonia. The Temple of God in Jerusalem became a symbol of the freedom and the kingdom of God.
It is said that many people came to the Temple to worship and glorify God. Every year they gather together at the temple to celebrate their freedom. Every single person from domestic or over sea alike comes to Jerusalem to celebrate the paschal feast. From these facts we get to know the Temple of God was the very heart of Jews tradition of worshiping God. That was their idealism as an independent nation, as a chosen nation.

But the temple no longer be a truly the house of prayer since the priests or those were in charge or who have duty to look after the temple  obligated some new str…

Mgr. Martinus Situmorang visits Sydney

Early winter in 2009 Mgr. Situmorang was in the midst of Catholic Indonesian Community of Sydney for his three days visit. His coming was a great blessing for many particularly for all Indonesians in Sydney who had been waiting for a special celebration of a year anniversary of WYD 2008. There were some main points that worth reflecting out of his visit from 12-15th June 2009 that came to my mind.

One day Reflection
One day’s recollection at Kensington Church on Saturday 13 was a moment of being resurrected and strengthened by bishop’s talk. Going back to the SAGKI 2005’s theme, Situmorang stressed the meaning of “to get up and to move” as a new movement and resurrection which based on our confidence, conscience and idealism to follow Christ. “We are not raised caused by sort of forces outside our lives like “someone is throwing cold water to a sleep beggar”, but everyone is called by God for a certain mission”, bishop said.
Believing that Jesus is the resurrection itself we need to …

Being Jesus' Witnesses

It seems to me that Easter is not just a yearly moment to celebrate the easter chocolate and the sort of song ALLELUYA but the most fundamental thing is that we celebrating our faith, our victory, our freedom, in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over the last couples days I have had some reflections on the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection in my daily experiences as I always receive him every day from the hand of his beloved priest, in the Eucharist.

My reflection is ispired by the fact that Jesus had died in order to redeem our humanity, our dignity, to bring back our origin to the very beginning of creation, life everlasting. Therefore humanbeings have to suffer no more for nothingness but for something greater than that suffering. It would be done by the way of the cross, to follow Jesus and to love as he has loved us endlessly. But today, as we see in the gospel (John 20:19-31), we catch a glimse of how the disciples reacted to Jesus' resurrection. It's mentioned that they st…

Resurrected in Christ

Many theologians and scientists have been trying to formulate their opinions regarding of question whether or not human beings have a life after death or the resurrection. Some theologians believe the resurrection is real and exists. On the other hand some scientists reject the resurrection after the death. But in fact the resurrection seems not just the matter people believe it or not. It is not a matter whether the theologians or scientists agree or disagree. In human history we can find some overuse words: “resurrection”, “rebirth”, “reincarnation”, or “transformation”, etc. People have brought that words from age to age. So, these could mean something. These words bring a profound value beyond our humanity but also related to our life.
The Gospel tells us the same question about the resurrection. It is said that some Sadducees came to Jesus and ask His answer to a problem about to which men of seven will become a husband of the woman at the resurrection. Jesus’ answer was very cle…

Happy Francis Day

Today is St. Francis Day (4th October 2008). What was the most precious treasure for St. Francis for the rest of his life? It was the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As we remembered that before his passing away he asked Br. Leo to read the Gospel of St. John and after that he recited Psalm 141...that was were about Jesus took a loaf and gave it to his disciples and "the just wait for me, until thou reward me".

I was fascinated by "the Canticle of the Sun" for the first time in 1998 when I met a Capuchin priest who gave me a simple book in Pematangsiantar-Indonesia at that time. How can a man like me will able making a conversation with all creatures arround me? It seemed unsounding, cause even the conversation between me and my friend sometimes getting worse and unclear. But this man, a simple man, a humble man from Assisi had done something very miraculous and outregious thing that every single creature was able to understand him.

Student Confrence

We had some wonderful conferences from Fr. Marty OFMCap for three days in Plampton Seminary. Nine of Capuchin's students received such a beautifull talks about the dignity of being as man and how that talents and capacities that we own become instruments of God to proclaim his message in this world by the life of consecrated men like us.