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Resurrected in Christ

Many theologians and scientists have been trying to formulate their opinions regarding of question whether or not human beings have a life after death or the resurrection. Some theologians believe the resurrection is real and exists. On the other hand some scientists reject the resurrection after the death. But in fact the resurrection seems not just the matter people believe it or not. It is not a matter whether the theologians or scientists agree or disagree. In human history we can find some overuse words: “resurrection”, “rebirth”, “reincarnation”, or “transformation”, etc. People have brought that words from age to age. So, these could mean something. These words bring a profound value beyond our humanity but also related to our life.
The Gospel tells us the same question about the resurrection. It is said that some Sadducees came to Jesus and ask His answer to a problem about to which men of seven will become a husband of the woman at the resurrection. Jesus’ answer was very cle…

Happy Francis Day

Today is St. Francis Day (4th October 2008). What was the most precious treasure for St. Francis for the rest of his life? It was the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As we remembered that before his passing away he asked Br. Leo to read the Gospel of St. John and after that he recited Psalm 141...that was were about Jesus took a loaf and gave it to his disciples and "the just wait for me, until thou reward me".

I was fascinated by "the Canticle of the Sun" for the first time in 1998 when I met a Capuchin priest who gave me a simple book in Pematangsiantar-Indonesia at that time. How can a man like me will able making a conversation with all creatures arround me? It seemed unsounding, cause even the conversation between me and my friend sometimes getting worse and unclear. But this man, a simple man, a humble man from Assisi had done something very miraculous and outregious thing that every single creature was able to understand him.

Student Confrence

We had some wonderful conferences from Fr. Marty OFMCap for three days in Plampton Seminary. Nine of Capuchin's students received such a beautifull talks about the dignity of being as man and how that talents and capacities that we own become instruments of God to proclaim his message in this world by the life of consecrated men like us.

Be witnesses

What the sky is talking about? Here...we're waiting for a woderful man from Rome, the Pope, a man that Jesus gave the Key of Heaven. "To see the Pope is like to see Jesus", a Cinese's pilgrim said to me at that time. Some of the Capuchin friars, for the same reason came together staying in line...hoping to see il Papa from a very close distance. Benedetto...

Renewing the Spirit of Caphuchin

Here are some of the Capuchin friars from different countries around the globe. As we were celebrating WYD'08 in Sydney, we also were doing something special to encourage each other spritually. We share our experiences about being as a Capuchin friar in various situations and life's challengges.

Remembering My VOWS

I bowed down before the the CROSS and then I was kneeling when I proclaimed aloud my vows in front of my Provincial, Fr. Harold and were witnessed by hundreds people. Obidience, without poperty and living in chastity are the powers of my life as a follower Christ. This was the date when I took the final vows last year in NAgahuta (27th July 2007)

The World Needs the Priest...

Australian Catholics: Mass attendances decline future….

According to the 2006 Australian Census, the Catholic population was about 5 million or 26 percent of the total Australian population. The latest research figures from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Pastoral Projects Office shows that about 709.000 people or around 13.8 % of all Australian Catholics, attended Mass every Sunday, compare with the 2001 figure of 15.3 %.
There are 33 dioceses in Australia with 1363 parishes listed in the 2007-08 Official Directory. To service these in 2007 there were 3178 priests, made up of 1996 dioceses priests (with 424 of them retired) and 1182 priests belonging to about 40 religious orders. There was a decline in numbers of priests of around 18 percent between 1971 and 2007. In 2007 there were 179 young men training to be priests in Australia’s diocesan seminaries. In contras there were 546 in 1969.
By 1991, that figure had dropped to 172, and it has remained around that mark since t…

Walking With Christ

Sydney's Annual Procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Feast of Corpus Christi

How precious is the Bread of Life. It can make us alive, to taste the eternal life here and now when a bishop is holding up the monstran in which the Body of Christ venerated. Here, in the heart of city we're walking together with Christ. Sydneysiders open your hearts, hear His voice!
On Sunday 25

Lake Toba

Tao Toba. Uli na i antong Tao Toba, soadong tudosanna, soadong duana. Molo masihol ho. Hundul ma ho di topi ni tao i, tangihon soara namanjou ho dohot hata nauli na ro tu si pareonmi. Rimangi satongkin sian di do ho ro jala tudia ho mangalangka. Dao do tano pangarantoan alai unang ho lupa tu tano hatubuan.
O Tao Toba raja ni sude na tao...Unang ho tangis jala tarilu ilu. Ai hodo inani angka ompu nami, napatarushon namauas male jala habis gogo. Tu ho doi nasida mangalangka, manungkun basa-basa sian Oppu Mula Jadi Nabolon. Mual na tio, aek naias do paridian ni anakmu, aek Toba. Sian dia bangso i mangalului ihan naboi mamboan gogo marpiga-piga taon? Tudia lao akka ianakhon mi manungkun angka parbinotoan ia so tu ho. Tangiangho unang adong namarleani roha marnida ho asa unang adong gellengmu nahumarapar di tano on. O Tao Toba...unang lupa ho di ahu...

Nestor Sin

Renewal and Uniting the Capuchin Australia's Student

Check and recheck! Everyone needs a laid back...have a rest. For us this time was a great moment to renew and refresh our identity as lesser brothers. The students of OzCaps had such beautiful smile in front of a camera but is not only that but particulary in the midst of this world.

We were uniting and renewing our power and commitment to Christ for this world.