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Resurrected in Christ

Many theologians and scientists have been trying to formulate their opinions regarding of question whether or not human beings have a life after death or the resurrection. Some theologians believe the resurrection is real and exists. On the other hand some scientists reject the resurrection after the death. But in fact the resurrection seems not just the matter people believe it or not. It is not a matter whether the theologians or scientists agree or disagree. In human history we can find some overuse words: “resurrection”, “rebirth”, “reincarnation”, or “transformation”, etc. People have brought that words from age to age. So, these could mean something. These words bring a profound value beyond our humanity but also related to our life.
The Gospel tells us the same question about the resurrection. It is said that some Sadducees came to Jesus and ask His answer to a problem about to which men of seven will become a husband of the woman at the resurrection. Jesus’ answer was very cle…