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Mgr. Martinus Situmorang visits Sydney

Early winter in 2009 Mgr. Situmorang was in the midst of Catholic Indonesian Community of Sydney for his three days visit. His coming was a great blessing for many particularly for all Indonesians in Sydney who had been waiting for a special celebration of a year anniversary of WYD 2008. There were some main points that worth reflecting out of his visit from 12-15th June 2009 that came to my mind.

One day Reflection
One day’s recollection at Kensington Church on Saturday 13 was a moment of being resurrected and strengthened by bishop’s talk. Going back to the SAGKI 2005’s theme, Situmorang stressed the meaning of “to get up and to move” as a new movement and resurrection which based on our confidence, conscience and idealism to follow Christ. “We are not raised caused by sort of forces outside our lives like “someone is throwing cold water to a sleep beggar”, but everyone is called by God for a certain mission”, bishop said.
Believing that Jesus is the resurrection itself we need to …