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The House of Prayer

It is clear that the Bible mentions the House of God is the house of prayer. Hundreds of years before Jesus, the Temple of God was built as a place for Israel to worship their God, the God of their ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who had delivered them from the slavery in Egypt, and after the exile from Babylonia. The Temple of God in Jerusalem became a symbol of the freedom and the kingdom of God.
It is said that many people came to the Temple to worship and glorify God. Every year they gather together at the temple to celebrate their freedom. Every single person from domestic or over sea alike comes to Jerusalem to celebrate the paschal feast. From these facts we get to know the Temple of God was the very heart of Jews tradition of worshiping God. That was their idealism as an independent nation, as a chosen nation.

But the temple no longer be a truly the house of prayer since the priests or those were in charge or who have duty to look after the temple  obligated some new str…