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Eco-Theology: Context, Method, and Application

Eco-Theology: Context, Method, and Application By Nestor Sinaga
Introduction Eco-Theology seeks to reveal the theological foundation for a relationship between God, humanity and cosmos. There have been over-emphasizing the significant role and authority of the human over others creatures in the history of theology and philosophy that have been upbringing some significant environmental problems. Recently many people and particularly some theologians concern about the ecology and study theology through ecological perspective. This following notes aims to analyse and evaluate some particular contexts and methodology that occurs and can be interrelated in eco-theology. I highlight the link between theology and ecology, the dis-interpretation of “creation” and “eschatological” accounts as parts of the context. Then I propose the significant value of reading the Scriptures with ecological lenses particularly with collaboration the ideas of Jurgen Moltmann on creation as part of methodology. The…